Part One: Vineyard Designation

We’ve all chosen a bottle of wine solely based on the label.
but what does the label really tell us about the wine?

Legally Speaking

Naming a vineyard is
not legally required
on a wine label.

if a vineyard name is present,
95% of grapes must be from
the named vineyard.


The named vineyard must
produce superior quality fruit
that is complex and
balanced, without requiring
much blending.

What does it all mean?

A vineyard designation is a quick sign of superior craft. When searching for an exceptional bottle, choosing one with a well-known vineyard designation is an excellent way to ensure high-quality fruit, attention to detail, and a passion for the craft of winemaking. Many producers will source their fruit from multiple vineyards which can have varying quality and flavor resulting in potentially ambiguous results. To ensure you have a well-crafted wine, we recommend starting by looking for single-vineyard wines with great reputations.

We’re proud to
on our
Cabernet Sauvignon.

“The superiority of Stagecoach Vineyard comes from extraordinarily well-draining soils, with copious amounts of broken-down material from their legendary rock piles. These soils, along with the moderating influence of the elevation of the vineyard, prevent the vines from getting too hot during the intensity of the last weeks of harvest. The vines remain happy and the fruit ripens over an extended period of time.”

Winemaker Jeff Ames

We’re delighted to share out 2016 Stagecoach Cabernet, which received a barrel sample score of 96 points from acclaimed wine critic Robert Parker. Through June 30, enjoy $10 shipping on two bottles of Cabernet. Shop here.


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