Stagecoach Vineyard,
Napa Valley

Stagecoach Vineyard, owned by the Boisett/Gallo families, is one of the most ambitious vineyard developments to date. Situated upon a stagecoach trail from the 1800s, this 800-acre vineyard was planted around enormous rocks and boulders atop the eastern hills of Napa Valley. At nearly 1,500 feet above the valley floor, this vineyard consistently produces bold, age-worthy wines from it’s famously red, rocky, volcanic soils. They supply grapes for over 90 of Napa Valley’s most prestigious wineries including Caymus Vineyards, Orin Swift, Alpha Omega, and now Tayson Pierce Wines!


Hudson Vineyards

Hudson Vineyards lies in Napa Valley’s Carneros District, one of the finest winegrowing regions in the world. The cooling breezes off the Bay of San Francisco allow the grapes a longer hang time in which to develop flavor and intensity, without sacrificing acidity and true balance. This site was originally known as Talcoa Vineyards, an Indian name meaning ‘laughing land.’ It was on these lands in the 1880’s that the first successful, American scientific experiments were performed to overcome phylloxera, the pest devastating the vineyards of Europe. As in all agricultural endeavors, each and every vintage provides its own set of opportunities and challenges. They farm each vineyard to fully capture the different nuances and specific characteristics of each growing year.