Happy Father’s Day

Father’s Day is a perfect opportunity to get to know Eric J Rothchild, father, founder, vintner, and resident Dad of Tayson Pierce Wines and Champagne Eric Philippe.

A Passionate Family

Eric was born in New York, New York, to loving and doting parents, Herbert and Audrey. He holds many special memories of his father. Both avid cyclists, Eric fondly remembers a road biking adventure in Girona, Spain at one of the Tour de France training sites. Eric greatly admired his father’s passion for family, work, and sport – passions he, in turn, instilled in his three boys. 

Even as a child, he loved helping and healing people. That passion manifested in adulthood as a career in ophthalmology. Always on the quest for improvement, Eric spends his free time developing his hobbies, which include photography, equestrian sports, triathlons, and, of course, wine. 

The first wine he remembers drinking is Château Latour when he was 14 years old and falling in love with Sauternes, specifically Château d’Yquem in his 20s. In 2005, his passion for enjoying wine had grown into a desire to make wine and now 15 years later, his dream of producing elegant wines and Champagnes for people to enjoy and share is a reality. “I can’t believe I’ve done it. It had always been a dream of mine.” 

A Proud Dad

As much as he loves wine, Eric’s three boys – Taylor, Grayson, and Pierce – are truly the joy of his life. When asked what his favorite thing about being a dad is, he said, “watching your children grow, develop, mature, and succeed.” And succeed, they have. Taylor, the creative and brilliant eldest, works closely with Eric on both Tayson Pierce Wines and Champagne Eric Philippe. Pierce is sensitive and determined, living in Chicago and working in finance. And Grayson, the balanced, focused youngest brother, just completed graduate school in Miami. 

The whole family brings their passion, intelligence, and preferences together to make a portfolio of wines and Champagnes that they all truly enjoy.

The Perfect Day

Father’s Day will be a little different this year. We asked each of the boys what their perfect Father’s Day with Eric would be if they were able to be together. Here’s what they planned:

From Taylor: We’d go riding horses in Bordeaux and enjoy some of our Grand Cru Champagne afterward.

From Grayson: We’d go for a long drive, in a nice car, along the beach together. 

From Pierce: In the morning, we’d go for a long run, followed by brunch at our favorite restaurant. Then after a relaxing afternoon at the spa, we’d head out for an ocean-side dinner of steak and great conversation.



Saturday, June 20
11 AM PST | 2 PM EST

Get to know Tayson Pierce proprietor Eric Rothchild. Virtually join him, and meet his horses, at his beautiful barn for a friendly conversation about how his passion for wine developed into a hobby – and ultimately the creation of Tayson Pierce Wines and Champagne Eric Philippe.